dimensional weight calculation

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Lagos Any other city in Nigeria

Weight: lbs.

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Estimated Shipping Cost: $

In addition to regular Favour Travels air shipping, we also provide DHL and FedEx options. To learn more, email us service@favourtravels.com.


How we calculate shipping charges

  • The minimum shipping cost for items less than 1.5 lbs. is $25.
  • The minimum shipping cost for items greater than 1.5 lbs. is $50.
  • If you are shipping items greater than 1,500 lbs., your order is eligible for a discounted per pound rate of $2.80/lb. If your item is less than 1,500 lbs., your cost is $2.87/lb.
  • Since Favour Travels is a US-based company and does not have offices in Nigeria, our shipping costs cover only the actual shipping. We make no profit from clearing costs, nor do we currently have the ability to oversee clearing in Nigeria; for this reason, our clients are responsible for clearing costs to the clearing agent. If there is an agent that you prefer to use, we would be happy to contact him/her with the details of your order.

Please keep in mind

  • We reserve the right to refuse a package for any reason. Kindly review the Prohibited Items List before sending your purchases and freight to Favour Travels.
  • These rates are for air freight only; for an ocean freight quote, please email us at service@favourtravels.com.
  • This estimate is not final and subject to change.